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Nestled between the Purcell and Rocky mountains, and perched atop a ridge overlooking the ever changing colours Columbia Lake you will find Columbia Ridge. Just ten minutes south of Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia, our community is made up of 123 single family residential homes.
We welcome you to our website which was created to provide our members with access to our association along with information about our community and the surrounding areas. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

Easter Egg Hunt

Posted By: Gerry Posted On: Apr 13, 2014 to Section(s): Main

Who: Columbia Ridge neighbours and friends

When: Sunday, April 20, 2014 at 10:00

Where: At the community centre

What: Children 11 and under are invited to hunt for Easter egg treats while following clues
Please bring a plastic bag or basket to collect your treats. You may also want to bring a stroller or wagon for younger children. Please come and take a walk with your neighbours even if you don’t have kids.

For more information, please contact Wendy at wcoombs@momentumhealth.ca.

Hope to see you there!

Greetings From the Invermere Library

Posted By: Gerry Posted On: Apr 11, 2014 to Section(s): Main

For those of you who have not yet done the quick Library survey, please
follow this link when you have a moment and give us your input.


This five minute survey will help us to shape future Library programs and
services. Please share this link with the community so we can better serve
the Columbia Valley! We truly appreciate your feedback.

Columbia Lake Provincial Park Information Session

Posted By: Gerry Posted On: Apr 7, 2014 to Section(s): Main

A message from one of our neighbours who attended the presentation about the proposed development scenarios for the park at the north end of the lake:

I attended the open house meeting held at Fairmont this past Monday regarding the proposed access improvements to Columbia Lake Park. For those of you that were unable to attend,there is further information in the Columbia Valley Pioneer - April 4th addition, or on the government website http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/parkpgs/columbia_lk/

Since the 3 access scenarios will impact those of us that live/recreate on the lake, I feel it is important that we inform ourselves and provide feedback. The deadline for submissions is this Friday - April 11th.

FYI, I've summarized the access scenarios below but the website, of course, provides more specifics:

Scenario 1: Leave the road and existing access as is. This option would allow lake access from Fairmont along the north-east side of Columbia Lake to the Warspite Creek drainage. From this point, the existing road/trail requires a high clearance vehicle to access the lake shore. This final section of road/trail goes through environmentally, culturally and archaeologically sensitive areas and allows motorized off-roading access to the east side of Columbia Lake.

Scenario 2: Upgrading the existing road to a parking area (18-20 cars) to be constructed just before Warspite Creek. The remaining road/trail to the lake (500m) would be converted to a walking trail.The existing road that carries on to lot 48 (1 Km), would also be converted to a walking trail. Ending the road at Warspite creek will provide a natural barrier to off-road vehicle access to the east side of Columbia Lake. Estimated cost $250 K.

Scenario 3: Significantly upgrading the existing road, building a new section of road to allow access to a new day-use beach parking area (60-80 cars) and converting the road to lot 48 to a trail. Estimated cost $1.2 million. There is some potential of development of a boat launch site with this scenario.

BC Parks and First Nations are supporting Scenario 2.

Please take the time to review the options and consider the impact of the different scenarios. There is a link on the website that allows you to provide input.



Posted By: dafne Posted On: Mar 19, 2014 to Section(s): Main


Please click on the image below to access the full PDF file


Merry Christmas

Posted By: Gerry Posted On: Dec 22, 2013 to Section(s): Main

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Enjoy the time with your families and friends.

You will have to forgive the spelling of Christmas. It was early, cold and I had to write it backwards without really knowing where it was in the frame of the picture.


BOD Meeting Minutes, December 3, 2013 - POSTED

Posted By: lynn Posted On: Dec 14, 2013 to Section(s): Main

CRCA Annual General Meeting Minutes May 18, 2013 - POSTED

Posted By: dafne Posted On: Jun 30, 2013 to Section(s): Main

Columbia Ridge Community Members

Board of Directors Meeting
December 3, 2013

To view the final notes, please login and go to the Association section of the website, then click on BOD Minutes.

Annual New Year's Eve Skating Party

Posted By: Gerry Posted On: Dec 9, 2013 to Section(s): Main

Hello Everyone!

This is an invitation to attend the 2nd Annual New Year’s Eve Skating Party on Dec 31 from 1:00 – 4:00 pm.

As it’s now December, it’s time to think about the holidays and what fun can be had down at the lake! We had a great time last year at the skating party, so lets do it again! This is an informal get together with our Columbia Ridge neighbours on New Year’s Eve afternoon.

We’ll get a couple of fires going and have the skating area shoveled (hopefully the ice conditions will be favorable – and safe!). Everyone is encouraged to come down for a fun skate and a visit with friends and neighbours. We’re going to keep things as simple, easy and comfortable as possible for everyone, so “Bring Your Own…everything” (beverage, snack, chair et cetera) will be the order of the day. No RSVP necessary. Just come down to the lake and encourage other community members to do so too.

See you there!

Sean H.

P.S. If anyone would like to volunteer to bring some wood or help with preparing the ice for a fun and safe time, please come down to the waterfront around 12:00 noon (or earlier) and we’ll set things up for everyone. Thanks!

Christmas Get Together

Posted By: Gerry Posted On: Dec 9, 2013 to Section(s): Main

Season’s Greetings

Thanks to Diane and Jim, Diane and Tom, Carly and Bob, Pat and Ernie, Bonnie, Tom and Mary-Clare for setting up the tables and decorating the halls for the very enjoyable Xmas social that was held yesterday evening on what was a cold winter’s night!

Mark your calendars – we’ll organize this informal gathering on the first Saturday of December every year. Everyone can now plan ahead!

Season’s Greetings to all.

Columbia Ridge Annual Xmas Social

Posted By: Gerry Posted On: Dec 4, 2013 to Section(s): Main




Residents of Columbia Ridge may be interested in the following activity that has been recently advertised by the local branch of the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Join us as we find the
Perfect Christmas Tree
For your family

December 7th
11 – 3 pm
11– 3 pm
Marion Creek Benchlands
Columbia Lake

Meet at Grandview Road at 11 am

Location Maps available from the NCC office or by email.
Be prepared to have fun! Bring what you need to cut your tree: ropes, gloves, saws, tire chains.
Also remember warm clothing, food, family and friends.

RSVP: 250-342-5521 by
December 5th please.

Torrential Rain

Posted By: Gerry Posted On: Sep 6, 2013 to Section(s): Main

Holy cow! A serious storm is ripping down the valley right now. Black skies, thunder, lightning and rain like I have never seen it rain here. Flash flood rain.

This pic was taken from the viewpoint above the neighbourhood minutes before the front hit.


This shot is pulling into the driveway. The sprint from the truck to the door left me soaked. I actually love this kind of weather.


The storm has since passed but we were at a neighbour's and there was water in the basement. It had filled a window well and then came through the window.

So if you have window wells, it might be best to get whomever looks after your place while you are away to just give it a good check over to ensure that you don't have water in your basement.

Thunderstorms galore

Posted By: Gerry Posted On: Aug 27, 2013 to Section(s): Main


If you like your weather with a bit of a kick to it then the weather this past weekend would have been right up your alley. Thunderstorms boomed across the sky regularly leaving crazy mammatus cloud formations and rainbows in their wake.


This lead to a rather blustery time on the lake that left the boaters on shore but the windsurfers and kiters out playing in the whitecaps. With most people avoiding the beach area, it felt more like October than the middle of August.


The water temps have definately cooled off in the past few weeks. Expect the long weekend to be even cooler.

CRCA's Annual BBQ

Posted By: toms Posted On: Aug 21, 2013 to Section(s): Main

CRCA Annual BBQ – A Great Success (see pictures below “Bear Alert”)

August 10, 2013 was a beautiful summer day and the evening remained warm and clear. It was a perfect day for the annual Columbia Ridge Community Association Barbeque.

About 130 community residents and guests of all age ranges enjoyed gourmet burgers and hot dogs along with an amazing potluck array of salads and desserts. Freezies were available for the youngsters and the “kid inside all of us” was able to roast marshmallows and make s’mores.

This year, on-tap refreshments were purchased from Arrowhead, the new Invermere microbrewery.

The event kicked off with a very active craft table organized by Yi-Nei Kao. The kids always enjoy the activities Yi-Nei coordinates.

Kids of all ages enjoyed the three bouncy castles that were set up. Due to their popularity and the affordable price we were offered, our community association, together with Columere Park, has now purchased the large castle, ensuring its ready availability for future events.

Our annual BBQ would not have been a success without the keen organizational skills of Wendy Coombs. Wendy, those of us who attended the BBQ, your fellow board members, and your fellow volunteers send a heartfelt thank you your way…as well as to Daniel for his behind-the-scenes support.

We would also like to extend our thanks to:
Music and Sound: Breezie Fielding and Danny Coombs
Bonfire Manager: David Hubbard
For use of community centre, tables and chairs and the large BBQ:
Dave, Donna and Chris Rae
Chefs and Bartenders: Brian Beiko, Russ Munroe, Randy Marinescu, Craig Dearden, Gary Schitthelm, David Hubbard
Food Chauffeurs: Jackie Nielson and Gary Schitthelm
Beer Chauffeurs: Kerry-Anne and Russ Munroe
Kitchen Clean-up: Dave and Jacqueline Swanson
Late night clean-up: John Schitthelm and Breezie Fielding
Bouncy Castle Bouncers: All the kids
Recycling and Garbage Removal: A secret elf
Accounting: Kerry-Anne Munroe and Michael Schitthelm
Youth Volunteers (assisting in many places):
Ashley Platt and Claire Edmond
Photographer: Gerry George
BBQ Volunteer Committee: food, supplies, 50/50 draw, communications and planning:
Jackie Nielson
Kerry-Anne Munroe
Cathy Cornfield
Mary Clare Coleman
Yi-Nei Kao
Donna Wunderlich
*If you have any suggestions or feedback, send your comments to info@columbiaridge.com and they will be forwarded to the BBQ Committee. Thanks.

August 18 - Bear Alert

Posted By: Gerry Posted On: Aug 18, 2013 to Section(s): Main

Just a note of warning that a black bear has been spotted lurking about in the neighbourhood this weekend. Be noisy and don't let your kids wander off on their own.


Pics from the Annual BBQ

Posted By: Gerry Posted On: Aug 17, 2013 to Section(s): Main

Hanging out waiting for burgers.

Spence enjoying a cookie.

Kendama - The latest tool for hand and eye co-ordination

Patrick learning the basics of Kendama

Spencer pole climbing.

One of three bouncy castles the kept the kids entertained.

Kennedy enjoying the swing.

Yi Nei thoroughly enjoying the craft table.

Deliya creating a masterpiece.

Annual BBQ - August 10

Posted By: Gerry Posted On: Jul 31, 2013 to Section(s): Main

(Everyone should have received an “evite” where you can RSVP. This notice is just to make sure we didn’t miss anyone with either the “Evite” or the other e-mail that was sent out. If we did miss you, please contact Wendy Coombs at the e-mail address indicated below and let her know whether or not you are able to attend. Thanks.)

This year’s theme is the "KISS" principle - Keep it simple, and Kiss your neighbour....OK not literally. We are going to forgo the DJ and dance floor and keep the music volumes to a level where we can visit and mingle...but still dance if you want too!

What to bring
1. $10 for each adult, $5 for each non-drinking adult and kids aged 5 and older. Look for the box with “BBQ $” written on it and put your cheque or cash in there. Money for 50:50 if interested.
2. A chair or blanket to sit on. We will have some tables and chairs set up too.
3. If you don’t like beer or you like to drink a lot, BYOB. We will have Arrowhead Blonde Ale and Raspberry Ale. 2 drink tickets per person and $1 a beer after that (so bring loonies). If you don’t like burgers/hot dogs then bring your own meat to cook!
4. Bring an appetizer, dessert or snack to share
5:00 pm Crafts for the kids and bouncer and food for anyone starving
6:00 pm Burgers/Hot Dogs and Beer (Pop for the non-drinkers), and potluck snacks, appetizers, and dessert
11:00 pm start wrapping up
Midnight shut ‘er down

If you are able to volunteer please email wendycoombs2006@gmail.com.

Moor Upgrades

Posted By: Gerry Posted On: Jul 26, 2013 to Section(s): Main

New Moors have been made and are being set in place. This was taken a few weeks back.


The weather can't met much better than it has been. I hope everyone has had a chance to enjoy at least a slice of the 30 plus degree heat.

Columbia Lake and Our Watershed

Posted By: Gerry Posted On: Jul 19, 2013 to Section(s): Main

Columbia Lake and Our Watershed

You’re invited to a community conversation
on Monday, July 22, 2013 from 10 am to noon at the Columbia Ridge Community

Our Valley, Our Waters
• Share What Matters: Why is water quality and quantity important to you?
What are your concerns?
• Think Ahead: Learn about what other communities are doing to protect their
lakes and rivers
• Count Me In!: Help create the future you want to see in our watershed!
Snacks will be provided

For more information or to RSVP, contact Kirsten: (250) 341-6898 /

Barn Dance At Coy's

Posted By: Gerry Posted On: Jul 19, 2013 to Section(s): Main

There is a Barn Dance at Coy’s this Saturday, July 20th starting at 6:00 pm and is open to the communities around the Lake. Tickets are $30/person (includes dinner and dance) and can be purchased from Harley Calkins harley58@shaw.ca or(250) 345-0209 or Dave Rae (dave@columbiaridge.com) or (250) 342-5215 . Children six and under are free.

If you have any questions, please contact Harley.

Beach Work Party - July 13

Posted By: Gerry Posted On: Jul 6, 2013 to Section(s): Main

There will be a work party on Saturday July 13 at 9:00 am to make moorage improvements and upgrades. Please respond to Ian Adair or Grant Exner. More details to follow. ianadair1atgmaildotcom and gexneratshawdotca

CRCA Annual General Meeting Minutes May 18, 2013 - POSTED

Posted By: dafne Posted On: Jun 30, 2013 to Section(s): Main

Columbia Ridge Community Members,

Annual General Meeting
May 18, 2013

To view the final notes, please login and go to the Association section of the website, then click on BOD Minutes.

Or log-in to see the entire text, at the link below:

Annual General Meeting Notes - Members Only View

Get Ready For a Heat Wave

Posted By: Gerry Posted On: Jun 28, 2013 to Section(s): Main

After a few weeks of rain, it looks like summer is going to hit full force this weekend. Clear skies, temperatures in the 30s and my guess is glassy conditions on the lake.


I got lucky on Tuesday and had a great windsurfing session after work. It has been a pretty weak windy season so far but I am one of the few who find that to be an issue.

The water is super high right now. There is no beach and the water is only 20 cm below the top of the decks. Keep the beach toys tied up or on dry land because they will drift away. One of the new paddle boats has already taken on water and is partially submerged. I don't know how it took on water.

Enjoy your long weekend. It is going to be a beautiful one. Play safe.

Grizzly Updates and what to do

Posted By: Gerry Posted On: Jun 23, 2013 to Section(s): Main

A conservation officer called me back about our grizzly. He thinks it is one of the cubs he has been monitoring. A sow with 3 cubs has been in the area over the past year. These cubs are now striking out on their own and it is important that they don't become accustomed to people. Rather than quietly watching them like we did, we should be trying to scare them away. The officer would like to be notified asap if this bear is sighted again so he can shoot it with a rubber bullet. This won't hurt the bear but should move him along. Again the RAPP phone number is 1-877-952-7277.

Tracy Flynn

Grizzly in Area Still

Posted By: Gerry Posted On: Jun 21, 2013 to Section(s): Main

Well the rain isn't keeping the bears away. Glen Flynn shot this picture of a grizzly from his deck.


I spoke a bit too soon on the weather yesterday. It is still raining and has been creating havoc where ever a major water flow hits a bridge.

If you are thinking of taking the long way here because the highway at Canmore is closed, think again. The bridge at Skookumchuk, 20 km south of Canal Flats was swept away earlier today. They have the bridge at Wasa also closed because they are worried about what could happen in the Skook bridge hits the Wasa bridge. I keep hearing rumours that the bridge at Dutch creek (by the Hoodoos) is closed as well but I was upstream of Dutch Creek today and the forestry bridge is doing fine.

Given what is going on in Alberta and Calgary and all the blowouts here in BC, might be a good idea to stay put where ever you are.

Rain Rain Rain

Posted By: Gerry Posted On: Jun 21, 2013 to Section(s): Main

Dutch Creek Mixing With Columbia Lake

Well the rain has been pounding down in the valley for the past few days. The Kootenay and Columbia River are way up, chocolatey brown and filled with debris. Dutch creek is also a torrent but they all seem to be staying within their banks. This all seems pretty tame relative to what is happening on the Alberta side of the Rockies so I hope that where ever you are living, you are staying high and dry.


If you are reading this, you will be happy to know that the neighbourhood is the same as it ever was. The water hasn't done any damage that I saw. The lake level is up but still at least a foot below where it was last year. All the toys are still on dry land along the banks and seem to be staying put.

The rain has mellowed significantly from last night and this morning. Not much more is forecast either so life on this side of the Rockies is looking pretty good.


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